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Restaurant Delivery and Courier Services.



Browse our partnered local restaurants


We are equipped to handle orders of any size, with our commercial grade catering transport equipment we can keep food piping hot

Donuts & Coffee

Let us fuel your next early morning meeting or suprise a friend, family, or client with the gift of donuts!


Forgot the sugar? or just need anything from the store, we can pick up and deliver to you within 1 hour

Delivery Starting at $9

With a focus on professional bicycle service and online ordering/payment options, Forward Courier is among the fastest, convenient, and green companies in the food delivery industry.

What if I want delivery from another restaurant?

For the price of our 1-hr courier rate ($9), we’ll pick up food from pretty much any other restaurant in our service area. Just place your order with the restaurant and pay over the phone, then contact us via call or text.


Order anytime between 8:00am and 9:00pm, by e-mail, phone, or webform.


Our standard service. Delivered by 5PM. This rate unavailable after 12PM

RUSH - $6

Our fast service. Delivered within 1-3 hours after order time. This rate is unavailable after 2PM.


Our faster service. 1 hour or less. This rate is unavailable after 4PM.

ASAP - $15

Our fastest service. 30 minutes or less to anywhere in our cyling zone map.


For half the initial rate, we deliver and come right back to you


Next day service. Delivered by Noon. This rate is unavailable after 3PM

Oversized Charges

We charge for oversize packages in addition to the base rate. We measure in linear inches ( L + W +H ).

Extra Rates

By placing and order with Foward Courrier LLC, one agrees to the terms and Conditions above.

About Us

Our goal is to support Milwaukee's thriving local businesses and make your day easier. Our focus is local. We live here, we work here. Whether you're a bakery, architecture firm, clothing store or you just don't want to go out in the cold or rain for a bite to eat, we have you covered for all of your delivery needs.

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