Aloha Poke, ALOHA ALOHA!

Recently opened in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward (220 E Buffalo St), Aloha Poke brings us the freshest Hawaiian styled cuisine. Aloha Poke is a mainland restaurant inspired by the Hawaiian sushi bowl. All of the freshest of your favorite veggies on a bed of rice topped with one of our signature sauces!

Made to order in 8oz, 16oz, and 24oz bowls, you are able to customize a meal that matches your taste buds personality. Starting with a bed of white rice, brown rice, or mixed greens you are then able to pick your protein and start stacking your toppings. There’s no short supply of proteins and toppings, from fresh salmon, tuna, shrimp and tofu to seaweed, jalapenos, cucumber, pineapple, and pineapple. You’ll easily be able to build your favorite bowl in no time!

Healthy eating has become more than a menu option for some, it has become a lifestyle. Aloha Poke has embraced this lifestyle and with the help of Forward, can bring it to you every day of the week from 11 am to 9 pm.

Does the office or event have a hankering for some Poke? Not to worry! Catering options are available for delivery in the downtown and surrounding areas. 

Available at Aloha Poke Menu on

WMSE Spring Membership Drive

Spring has finally sprung and so has WMSE’s Spring Membership drive! Friday, May 4th kicked off WMSE’s week-long drive, raising awareness for Milwaukee’s own pioneer radio station on the MSOE campus.

Since 1981 WMSE’s mission has been to “educate the members of our community by providing a wide selection of musical programming they can’t hear anywhere else on the radio dial. To be an outlet for local artists who would otherwise receive little or no commercial radio exposure in our community. To have a unique and tangible value to MSOE.”

Forward Courier has been a proud partner of WMSE since 2016. In that time we have hung hundred’s and hundreds of posters for local live shows and various other events happening throughout the city. Each spring and fall we continue to show our appreciation by bringing food to the station that has been donated by local restaurants for all the hungry volunteers and DJ’s.

All week long, as you listen to your favorite DJ’s spin their deep cuts, you can donate to become a member as a sound citizen.  For more information on programming or ways to become a sound citizen member, check out their new site.

Boo Boo’s Sandwiches, a hidden gem

Tucked away in the Walker’s Point neighboorhood, is Boo Boo’s made from scratch bread, in a classic, down to earth, relaxed atmosphere. When you walk in the door, the aroma of the freshly baked bread and savory spices greet you.

The open-air kitchen is friendly and bustling. You can see all the action, with an accompaniment from an Echo Show, playing the cooks favorite hits.  The counter space is a classic stainless, with similar styling of its sister restaurant that lies just around the corner, Soup Bros.  Which was the inspiration for the Boo Boo’s when customers raved about Soup Bros. delicious bread.  That’s when Richard Regner decided to take the baguette-style loaves and craft hand made sandwiches with some fresh takes on classic sandwiches. 

The delicious combos of hot sandwich toppings are complimented by a sturdy and robust baguette, which can stand-up to the packed ingredients, yet still soaks in the flavor of the sauce and spices. Just like the bread at Boo Boo’s, the fries are crisp and handcrafted with a blend of spices.   

All of this excellence can now be delivered to your office or home from Forward Courier.

Available at Boo Boo’s Menu on


Behind The Lens

Forward rider Jon enjoying the snow

What feels like summer today was certainly not the case on Wednesday, April 18th. Last week Wisconsin was showcasing its last bit of winter before giving it up for tailgating and sunbathing. Milwaukee received a healthy dose of rain, fog, and wintry mix that blanketed the downtown and surrounding areas. Too many residents of Milwaukee Co, it was another dreaded day of trudging and sliding through the day but for Forward Courier it was another day in paradise.


A little bit of bad weather won’t stop some people from getting out and making the most of the circumstances. Last week we were out in full force keeping up with delivery requests. In between those deliveries we made a quick stop to grab a picture of the lake when we bumped into Morgan Leverence of Motivated Photography. She kindly took a few photos of me while I was out that evening.



Morgan, a Milwaukee resident and recent graduate of University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee for her BA in Design Studies from the Peck school of the Arts. Morgan is not shy of a little bit of wet weather and hard work. Her drive and attention to detail allowed her to intern at a local food service equipment manufacturer, Hatco Corporation, for over three years. Having this experience has allowed her to grow her personal design interests in publication design as well as branding design.


Last weeks weather offered a unique template to work off of not only for our riders, but for artists alike. As we battled the sloppy city streets on two wheels, Morgan set off to take advantage of the overcast skies and white fluffy snow. The overcast sky acted as a great diffuser of light. A diffuser is often used to spread the light from the flash of a camera. Morgan’s experience and desire to explore on days like this give us motivation to ride on even the toughest of days.

We are excited to see Morgan continue to focus on her Graphic Design career, developing her portfolio with Milwaukee brands and businesses.

414 Day

As the weather gets warmer here in Milwaukee the events revolving around city pride only seem to multiply, and one of the first to hit every year is 414 Day. Pioneered by fellow Milwaukeeans Timm Gable, Andy Silverman, Brent Gohde, and Rachel Fell, 414 Day has grown from an inside joke to a bonafide citywide event, with several local businesses participating in a slew of different activities and offerings.

Below, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites this year:

1) Milwaukee Public Museum – From 11AM to 3PM, the MPM will be providing community-based theatre programs, as well as several educational programs centered around Milwaukee’s history. Covering all 3 floors, these programs come free with standard admission as part of the day’s festivities. More info can be found here.

2) The Bike Fixers – Local delivery favorites, Forward Courier with be hosting an Alley Cat race/Scavenger hunt at 2PM @ The Bike Fixers on Murray Ave. More info can be found here.

3) City Hall/Lakefront Brewery/Great Lakes Distillery – Milwaukee City Hall will be hosting a free “happy hour” from 5PM to 8PM. In addition to local beer and liquor offerings, food pairings will be provided by local restaurants Oscar’s and Simmer. The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra will be providing a soundtrack to this event, so sit back and take in some of the best music and food Milwaukee has to offer. More info is available here.

4) Outdoor Yoga MKE/The Oriental Theatre – These 2 local businesses are partnering up to present “Yoga @ The Oriental”, an awesome chance to take in a yoga class while meditating inside the main stage of this world-renowned theatre, complete with Buddha and elephant statues. Tickets are $15, and more info is available here.

5) Snack Boys – This far out Milwaukee eatery is throwing a dance party for the whole city! Festivities begin at 9PM, with Milwaukee Day lager provided by Company Brewing, and tunes all night long from DJ Casey Soyk. Find out more here.


Forward Courier will also be delivering delicious eats all day long, just like every other day. And since this year 414 Day marks Forward Courier’s 3rd year in business, it only makes sense to celebrate the occasion by chowing down some of Milwaukee’s delicacies made by one of our many partners! Get started at

Wear your helmets, and stay safe Milwaukee!