Boo Boo’s Sandwiches, a hidden gem

Tucked away in the Walker’s Point neighboorhood, is Boo Boo’s made from scratch bread, in a classic, down to earth, relaxed atmosphere. When you walk in the door, the aroma of the freshly baked bread and savory spices greet you.

The open-air kitchen is friendly and bustling. You can see all the action, with an accompaniment from an Echo Show, playing the cooks favorite hits.  The counter space is a classic stainless, with similar styling of its sister restaurant that lies just around the corner, Soup Bros.  Which was the inspiration for the Boo Boo’s when customers raved about Soup Bros. delicious bread.  That’s when Richard Regner decided to take the baguette-style loaves and craft hand made sandwiches with some fresh takes on classic sandwiches. 

The delicious combos of hot sandwich toppings are complimented by a sturdy and robust baguette, which can stand-up to the packed ingredients, yet still soaks in the flavor of the sauce and spices. Just like the bread at Boo Boo’s, the fries are crisp and handcrafted with a blend of spices.   

All of this excellence can now be delivered to your office or home from Forward Courier.

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