Behind The Lens

Forward rider Jon enjoying the snow

What feels like summer today was certainly not the case on Wednesday, April 18th. Last week Wisconsin was showcasing its last bit of winter before giving it up for tailgating and sunbathing. Milwaukee received a healthy dose of rain, fog, and wintry mix that blanketed the downtown and surrounding areas. Too many residents of Milwaukee Co, it was another dreaded day of trudging and sliding through the day but for Forward Courier it was another day in paradise.


A little bit of bad weather won’t stop some people from getting out and making the most of the circumstances. Last week we were out in full force keeping up with delivery requests. In between those deliveries we made a quick stop to grab a picture of the lake when we bumped into Morgan Leverence of Motivated Photography. She kindly took a few photos of me while I was out that evening.



Morgan, a Milwaukee resident and recent graduate of University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee for her BA in Design Studies from the Peck school of the Arts. Morgan is not shy of a little bit of wet weather and hard work. Her drive and attention to detail allowed her to intern at a local food service equipment manufacturer, Hatco Corporation, for over three years. Having this experience has allowed her to grow her personal design interests in publication design as well as branding design.


Last weeks weather offered a unique template to work off of not only for our riders, but for artists alike. As we battled the sloppy city streets on two wheels, Morgan set off to take advantage of the overcast skies and white fluffy snow. The overcast sky acted as a great diffuser of light. A diffuser is often used to spread the light from the flash of a camera. Morgan’s experience and desire to explore on days like this give us motivation to ride on even the toughest of days.

We are excited to see Morgan continue to focus on her Graphic Design career, developing her portfolio with Milwaukee brands and businesses.

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